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Please be advised that this item needs to be connected to electricity to work. 

The main function of the machine is EMS Massager that provides the best results. It requires the electrodes to be used and does not require any oil.

The modes like Infrared and Sonic (H) are there to break down the fat without using the heat with help of UltraSonic Waves, while the EMS uses contraction.

Kindly watch the video below:

The machine will only start to get warmer closer to the end of the session, this is the whole purpose of using UltraSonic Waves (Helps breaking down the fat cells without using the heat)

With regards to other functions - you can use any fat loss, cellulite oil of your choice. (This will create a warmth or heat while using the product)

Alternatively a standard Active Body Oil or Water Based Oil is perfectly fine.

Please be advised:

DO NOT use the plate itself at the same time sticky electrodes are used.

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